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LEVADNAJA DETAILS is a luxury fashion brand and a line of home goods based in Moscow, Russia since 2005. It’s known for its very consistent recognizable style that combines elegance and comfort of the modern clothes with the opulence of Russian traditional costumes.

Complex hand embroidery made of glass beads, semi-precious stones and pearls became a signature part of all Levadnaja Details garments.  It’s made in the best Haute Couture traditions, using  only a needle and  skillful hands. It takes about 5 hours  to complete 10 cm of  Levadnaja Details embellishment. 

The embroidery Levadnaja Details is patented.

The pattern of the embroidery is inspired by the aesthetics of Russian North.  Simple forms of circles and squares create a complex sophisticated motif that reminds us of the intricate tracery of frosty windows. 

Each embroidery is unique and made for a specific piece of clothing. Every bead, every stone and thread are selected specifically to match the style and the fabric of the garment.  If you look closely at the Levadnaja Details embellishment, you’ll see that no part of  the embroidery repeats in the exactly same way.

Each garment  is skillfully constructed carefully distributing the weight of the embellishment to allow for comfortable fit that is essential to a lifestyle a modern woman. 

Lavandaja Details uses only the highest quality European and exotic fabrics, mostly cashmere,  expensive wool, natural silk and linen. They are always selected in the elegant subdued palette known to be brand’s signature. They compliment the distinctive style of the embroidery. 

Levadnaja Details clothing and accessory line revolutionized the luxury segment of Russian fashion by bringing the concept of Russian ancient traditions into the modern wardrobe of the chic and elegant metropolitan woman. It remains at the junction of art, fashion and fine workmanship due to its signature embroidery and the designer’s aspiration to create unique and consistently recognizable yet wearable clothes. 

The Russian brand of clothing and accessories

LEVADNAJA DETAILS – the Russian brand of clothing and accessories, established in 2005 to combine the rich Russian traditions with the modern context.

Moscow, st. Donskaya, 9
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